The change that would make the 2018 iPhones’ wireless charging faster

A copper coil would be the internal change that would allow Apple to make the 2018 iPhones’ wireless charging faster. The news come from China, where confidential information unveils the measures taken by Apple to make its new models’ wireless charging system more effective.

The iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus feature wireless charging. However, this new feature, which Apple users were long waiting for, did not perform as expected. Charging times were too high in comparison to the competition. Due to the way it was built, the induction charging system did not support charging over 7.5 W. Apple could introduce a small internal change in at least one of the new models to make the 2018 iPhones’ wireless charging faster.

Faster wireless charging for the 2018 iPhones

There were some rumors about reducing the new 2018 iPhones’ charging time via wireless charging. Now the leaked information found on the web is quite more specific, at least on a technical standpoint.

According to the Chinese media outlet, Apple will replace the FPC induction system (made with a little bit of iron and other derived materials) for copper coils. By doing so, the copper’s efficiency and efficacy (this is a material that has better electrical properties) will help Apple to increase power over the current 7.5 W, avoiding any thermal issues. Regarding this, the Qi technology supports charging at up to 15 W, which is considered fast wireless charging.

A not-so-simple change

Now we just have to see how Apple will address the issues that suppose adding a copper coil in the induction system. In fact, these coils are thicker than the current FPC coil. This change does not seem so simple unless Apple decides to make its iPhones thicker, which is highly unlikely. The other option would be to redesign the phone’s interior.

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