Take a look at these free websites to encrypt every type of file

Every time our files are leaving our PC for whatever reason, for example when we share them with others on the internet or on the cloud, it is recommended to encrypt them, especially if those are personal files. By doing so, no one will be able to see the files’ content unless they have the respective password in case those files get stolen.

There currently are a lot of apps that allow us to easily encrypt our files before uploading them to the cloud or sharing them on the internet. Those users who do not want to depend on an encryption software, there are also a lot of very useful and simple webpages that allow us to encrypt any file using only our browser.

The best free websites to encrypt our files easily

The first webpage we are going to talk about is FreeCrypt.org. This site will allow us to easily encrypt and decrypt any file directly on our browser. This site is the most well-rounded that we will find in this sense. It allows us to encrypt our files using a wide range of algorithms like Blowfish, Cast, Data Encryption Standard, GOST, Loki97, RC2, Rijandel (AES), Safer+, SERPENT, 3DES, Twofish and xTEA, and a wide range of encryption modes like CBC, CFB, CTR, ECB, NCFB, NOFB and OFB.

This site will allow us to encrypt our files manually, choosing the parameters we want or using the Express mode, which will automatically choose the mode and algorithm that we want to use and the password. The Express mode will also allow us to download the file once it has been encrypted without having to do anything else.

A similar website to encrypt our files is Dalenryder.com. In comparison to the previous one, this site is simpler in terms of the options it provides. However, we must say it is also easier to use, which is really important for users looking for a simple process. This site will allow us to choose between encrypting and decrypting a file. After deciding what we want to do, the site will ask for the file and the password we want to protect the file with.

After this, it will allow us to download the file, whether it is the encrypted file in case we chose that option, or the decrypted file if we intended to recover the original file.

FreeToolOnline.com is similar to the previous sites, but instead of using different encryption algorithms to protect our files (therefore we have to depend on these sites to decrypt them), this tool allows us to get our files into a password-protected ZIP file. We just have to drag the files we want into the site and choose the name of the file and the password we want to protect it with. The site will create the password-protected ZIP file, which we can now safely upload on the internet and the person we share it with can easily decrypt it with any ZIP-compatible compression software.

As we can see, all of these sites are really simple and easy to use to encrypt and protect our files. Although these sites are secure and respect our privacy in theory, we must remember that we are sending our files to a server where they will be processed to be encrypted. Therefore, and as usual, we must act with common sense.

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