How to know the size of sent and received messages and files on WhatsApp in order to manage space

WhatsApp certainly is the most widely used messaging app. It is featured on most smartphones in Spain. As we know, besides sending and receiving messages, we can also share documents and files that may take up a lot of storage space. Today we will discuss how to know the size of sent messages and files to manage space better.

Knowing the size of WhatsApp messages and files

If we ignore how much data we have sent or received, we will not be aware of the space WhatsApp takes up. As time passes by and once we are part of several groups, we can end up with less available space. It is good to know exactly how much space sent messages and files take up, especially the latter because multimedia content can use a lot of space.

Luckily for us, WhatsApp lets us know the exact size of the messages we have sent and received, but what interests us the most is the size of the files.

It can be really interesting for us to know exactly how much space WhatsApp takes up if our phone does not have a large memory and we use the app intensively. By doing so, we can delete irrelevant files. We all know we accumulate a lot of files (even repeated ones if we are in several groups) that we care little about.

In order to know how much space sent and received messages take up, we just have to go to the app’s Settings and then Data and storage usage. There we will see the Network usage option. Here we can see how much data we have used to send and receive messages and files.

We can also see how much we have used for outgoing and incoming calls.

However, what we are interested in the most is the size of sent files, as it can give us an idea of the amount of space WhatsApp takes up.

Managing the space WhatsApp uses

If we want to know exactly how much space a group or a specific contact uses, we have to go to Settings once again but this time we go to the Storage usage option.

There we can see how much memory each contact and group takes up ordered by size. We can see the information concerning every sent and received message or multimedia file. This is a way to see which groups use most of the space, which we might not want.

We can delete old files that we do not want. We might even realize we no longer need that group anymore, so we decide to wipe or delete it. This is how we can properly manage the space WhatsApp takes up in our device.

We have to mention that it can take a little while for the app to show the space groups and contacts use. It will all depend on the amount of chats we have and the amount of space they use. It may take some minutes. Even so, it is interesting to know how much space each of them take up.

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