Google is preparing some changes for the Pixel Launcher’s search bar

It is evident that any change made on the Pixel Launcher affects us all in some way. This launcher is featured on Google Pixel and Android One phones. Now we have found out about an interesting new feature related to the search bar.

Android P’s Pixel Launcher can be installed anytime on our phone thanks to tutorials like the following, which we can use to enjoy the Pixel experience on our phone.

Google Assistant will stand out more with the Pixel Launcher

The search bar certainly is the most important element of Google’s launcher. Most Android phones usually feature the launcher on virtually every manufacturer’s customized UI layer. This time we see a new Pixel Launcher version discovered by XDA. It shows an interesting change on the search bar. This is the 9-4889482 version. As we can see in the images, besides featuring the search bar on the bottom of the screen, which we already knew about, we can also see the bar is missing the mic icon.

Instead we see the Google Assistant icon. This is the assistant we usually have access to by using the “OK Google” command or swiping left on the Home screen. There also are many other ways we can open the assistant on all the manufacturers’ different launchers. For example, we can access the assistant by holding the virtual Home button. It seems Google Assistant can be turned on by tapping the icon or using any other method we have previously set up to do so by default.

In fact, even if we use another personal assistant by default on the phone, the Google Assistant icon will still be shown on the search bar. Regardless of how relevant the change is, it tells us that Google is preparing a new version of the launcher, which could be released soon via different Developer Previews typical of Google. As expected, the Pixel Launcher is changing in order to pave the way for Google’s evolution, leaving behind the mic icon and embracing the increasingly common personal assistants.

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