WiFi Password Revealer, a tool to recover Wi-Fi passwords stored in our PC

When we connect our PC or phone to a Wi-Fi network, we just have to type in the password once, as the OS usually stores the password so the device automatically connects to the network without having to type the password over and over again. This is really convenient for users. However, it also helps us forget passwords because we do not need to remember them. Given that operating systems store passwords, it is really easy to recover them using tools like WiFi Password Revealer if you happen to forget them.

WiFi Password Revealer is a completely free app for Windows that will allow us to recover the information of the networks we have been connected to. The information is displayed on the PC so we can write down the networks’ passwords easily. Besides the passwords, this tool allows us to recover other sort of information like the network SSID, the HEX code, the encryption mode used and the connection type. Read More