Why do Android updates take so long to roll out?

Android 9 Pie is barely taking its first steps on the market, but this has not prevented users, especially those who own the most modern or powerful smartphones, from anxiously waiting for their device to receive the latest version of Google’s OS. This is why Sony wanted to address the topic by using a simple infographic explaining the process of adapting its interface to a new OS. This way we can see why we must wait some time in order to enjoy the latest Android updates.

If we do not own a Google Pixel or an Essential Phone, we just have to wait for our phone’s manufacturer to release a stable update, which takes time even for those brands and models who use a barely modified Android version. Read More

Google is preparing some changes for the Pixel Launcher’s search bar

It is evident that any change made on the Pixel Launcher affects us all in some way. This launcher is featured on Google Pixel and Android One phones. Now we have found out about an interesting new feature related to the search bar.

Android P’s Pixel Launcher can be installed anytime on our phone thanks to tutorials like the following, which we can use to enjoy the Pixel experience on our phone. Read More

The change that would make the 2018 iPhones’ wireless charging faster

A copper coil would be the internal change that would allow Apple to make the 2018 iPhones’ wireless charging faster. The news come from China, where confidential information unveils the measures taken by Apple to make its new models’ wireless charging system more effective.

The iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus feature wireless charging. However, this new feature, which Apple users were long waiting for, did not perform as expected. Charging times were too high in comparison to the competition. Due to the way it was built, the induction charging system did not support charging over 7.5 W. Apple could introduce a small internal change in at least one of the new models to make the 2018 iPhones’ wireless charging faster. Read More